Sep 14, 2011

Summer Moments

The best parts, listed in no particular order.
- Campfire sing-a-long, especially when they happen to be classic 90's tunes
- Sailing was pretty fabulous
- Seeing kids survive and thrive despite battling cancer
- Having time to say good bye
- new friends & old friends
- Napping with Liam, having him intertwined and sprawled over my legs and being stuck on the couch as he slept contentedly. 
- cuddles underneath the stars
- seeing the stars - having many, many opportunities to view the night sky
- Survivor day
- wrestling and tackling
- going through a photo album with a child I used to care for, and still care for in adult form - I felt old, but I also felt so privileged to share his life.
- marshmallows, hot dogs, and playing so many games of monopoly
- the complement, "ya, your Spanish accent is much improved"
- Ewan for a week full of hugs and kisses, water-fight's, and bath tub splashing songs about pee.
- Being blessed to hear others stories, especially the heart wrenching ones
- Amazing fish, and Mexican food
- The art festivals, and art work!
- campfire games which result in scolding and hysterical laughter from all involved
- time with loved ones
- Holding Mason for hours, relishing in the quiet
- Seeing the sun rise, and watching it set.
- flying over the mountains