Sep 28, 2011

strange obsessions

I don't know when I became 'that' type of person. We all know one, the 'snob' who only buys a particular brand of a particular something...
I almost had a fit tonight when I went to the supermarket to buy my favourite type of sparkle water... ONLY to realize that for some reason it is no longer being stocked.

I took a good five minutes to determine what would qualify as an 'okay' replacement for just this one time.

OH LIFE. When did you become so darn upsetting.

Sep 25, 2011

fall arrived

We have been blessed with warm and glorious fall weather - unseasonably hot fall weather. Today the mercury rose to reach 32°C! Thankfully we had wind. Wind which managed to make the day manageable, and provided reminder's on just how quickly treasured things will be blown away if we neglect to hold them tight. Alas, the wind continued to pull down those beautifully coloured leaves, notifying us that the seasons have changed, and this weather will not hold.

Needless to say, this lovely weather has made it downright impossible to focus on schoolwork. I've learned what procrastination is. Procrastination is grabbing these last and glorious days which are reminiscent of summer, and loving them for what they give and what they provide us. Reading in the relative silence of the day, clad in the bare minimum of clothing. Napping in the sunshine, and literally and physically reaping the benefits of a bountiful garden. Plants are still green, strawberries are still plentiful, and I am still gorging on tomatoes. Next week is October. The weather better cool down or I'm going to have a terrible time remaining on top of my classes.

Sep 22, 2011

I love the lyric, "the stars all gleam with possibilities..."

there is possibly nothing more satisfying then music turned as loud as it can go

with eyes closed
attentive ears
and a body revelling

Sep 21, 2011

underneath the sycamore

This post might be about how much I adore Ben Gibbard. So consider yourself fairly warned.

I wish I could state that my music tastes have evolved and changed over the years, and maybe they have... Maybe I now listen to quieter music, softer music, the type which might best be summed up as simply being nicer to my ears.

I will not divert attention from the subject at hand: My utter love for not just his music, but how I am still not tired of it. Let's talk about Death Cab, the Postal Service, or mainly how Ben Gibbard seems only capable of producing the most mellow music. His music, which I have seemingly attached memory after memory too.

The Postal Service reminds me of an evening dinner in Montreal, the meal was mediocre at best... we stayed because they were playing postal service and the wine list was fantastic. The quiet clicking of the song "Sleeping In", holding hands with the cutest boy possible, sharing dessert, the occasional quick peck on the lips, and so much laughter. Every time I hear this song, I am transported back, I am again there in the restaurant, seated next to him, it is joyful.

The album Transatlanticism takes me to slightly after I graduated high school - and again, another boy. One who I shared movies, walks, slurpees, bike rides, crazy car rides, and the best and most satisfying lazy afternoon naps with. All whilst we argued the merits of this album. Which song was best, why, what did we love about it, why it moved us so.

Just look at the artwork which adorned the liner notes for this album, even the normally ugly CD is gorgeous. We connected over music. Specifically over our shared love for this album.

And the song Transatlanticism still wins hands down. "I need you so much closer... So come on, come on..." it literally still haunts me with the simple beauty of its composition.

I'm skipping albums, not because they are irrelevant, but because I'd be here forever.

Narrowstairs was released, and I was hoping I would have outgrown my love for Death Cab. Yet the disc came out, I was depressed, and I recall listening to it for hours on end. Songs with lyrics about feelings about dying alone, I related. I related immensely.

But that is the key, these songs which are sometimes so lyrically simplistic, are always beautifully composed, they are for me - all relatable.

The track "I will follow you into the dark" for example,  this song used to come on the radio and I'd have to pull over, I'd be unable to see the road, as I'd have tears streaming down my face whenever I listened to it. It still happens, this song still moves me to tears whenever I hear it. Why? The guitar is simple, the singing so quiet and yet this song is so deeply filled with emotion that it just stirs me. The idea of loving so much that you follow them into the dark. Is that not love. Do we not relate?

Now, Codes and Keys, the title track to the same named album, carries me in emotion. I listened and literally felt like I was being wrapped tightly in a cocoon by the words and emotion conveyed by Ben Gibbard's voice.

Simply felt.

This is music that carries me.

Sep 20, 2011


So I've started drinking this stuff because I've heard miraculous things.
Truth be told, if anything tastes this nasty... It must do miraculous things for people to continue consuming it.

Fermented milk is gross. Really.

Sep 19, 2011


I suppose that with the beginning of the new school year I should set some goals, or simply declare the ones I have.
I have decided I hate the term goals, and as such banished it from my vocabulary.
Aspirations, I have concluded - is simply a much better term.

So here they are, a formalized list of aspirations. I used to be really good at achieving aspirations, I think if only because the feeling of crossing a line through them once achieved was so supremely satisfying.

The list:

  • write more! carry your journal and write in it daily, draw in it, scribble your feelings madly across the page, but make a point to communicate SOMETHING on those pages - every day
  • bake more, baking is a stress relief for you, so bake 
  • run till your body aches, then get up and run again
  • declare your love for things and people, loudly
  • pick up the banjo, and become fabulous at it
  • be more prayerful
  • no more fighting, let your heart grow with love instead
  • study outside, read outside, simply be outside more
  • make time for the people you love, and the things you love to do
  • have a bedtime, and keep the bedtime
  • drink more water, consume less wine
  • grow your hair out
  • visit your family, and visit with them, remember to cherish the time with them
  • pick up the phone and call your friends
  • say yes
  • express your gratitude
  • post these in multiple places so that you have multiple reminders
  • knit Logan mittens
  • remember that love is an action too

Sep 17, 2011


I clued into it today.

Invited to go see the grandpa with Alzheimer's - I considered it.
The pros and cons of the situation.

I have homework.
I have plans tonight.
He is my grandfather.
I love him dearly.
I am totally and utterly positive that I would break into tears.
I'm not emotionally capable of being strong today.
I need to be strong for him, my father, my grandmother.
What if this is the last time he recalls who I am. (supremely negative, I know)
I need to have my emotions figured out before being able to effectively support others in this situation.
I love him.
I'm afraid to see him.
I'm afraid I'm going to remember him this way, with this sense of loss, and this just terrifies me.

So I choose not to go, and cry with fear of the unknown future.

Sep 15, 2011


I hate the feeling of being an outsider, observing from a distance, carefully away, yet watching closely.

My bus passed a family I knew today, I watched them parade down the sidewalk across the street from the hospital. Their four year old running alone ahead of the family, likely blissfully unaware of the tragedy which lays ahead. The eldest waiting out her final days, her mom pushing her along in a wheelchair as she now tires easily. With brain cancer returned, she sleeps hours of the day away, has forgotten, and yet has managed to be so strong. She possess this still and sobering, peaceful, and calm demeanour. Her strength and bravery amazes me, I am so blessed to have shared her life. I pray the family finds peace, that our community will hold them tight as they face these final moments with her. Life is simply far too short, and she far too young to die.

It sucks.

Sep 14, 2011

Summer Moments

The best parts, listed in no particular order.
- Campfire sing-a-long, especially when they happen to be classic 90's tunes
- Sailing was pretty fabulous
- Seeing kids survive and thrive despite battling cancer
- Having time to say good bye
- new friends & old friends
- Napping with Liam, having him intertwined and sprawled over my legs and being stuck on the couch as he slept contentedly. 
- cuddles underneath the stars
- seeing the stars - having many, many opportunities to view the night sky
- Survivor day
- wrestling and tackling
- going through a photo album with a child I used to care for, and still care for in adult form - I felt old, but I also felt so privileged to share his life.
- marshmallows, hot dogs, and playing so many games of monopoly
- the complement, "ya, your Spanish accent is much improved"
- Ewan for a week full of hugs and kisses, water-fight's, and bath tub splashing songs about pee.
- Being blessed to hear others stories, especially the heart wrenching ones
- Amazing fish, and Mexican food
- The art festivals, and art work!
- campfire games which result in scolding and hysterical laughter from all involved
- time with loved ones
- Holding Mason for hours, relishing in the quiet
- Seeing the sun rise, and watching it set.
- flying over the mountains