Sep 25, 2011

fall arrived

We have been blessed with warm and glorious fall weather - unseasonably hot fall weather. Today the mercury rose to reach 32°C! Thankfully we had wind. Wind which managed to make the day manageable, and provided reminder's on just how quickly treasured things will be blown away if we neglect to hold them tight. Alas, the wind continued to pull down those beautifully coloured leaves, notifying us that the seasons have changed, and this weather will not hold.

Needless to say, this lovely weather has made it downright impossible to focus on schoolwork. I've learned what procrastination is. Procrastination is grabbing these last and glorious days which are reminiscent of summer, and loving them for what they give and what they provide us. Reading in the relative silence of the day, clad in the bare minimum of clothing. Napping in the sunshine, and literally and physically reaping the benefits of a bountiful garden. Plants are still green, strawberries are still plentiful, and I am still gorging on tomatoes. Next week is October. The weather better cool down or I'm going to have a terrible time remaining on top of my classes.