Sep 19, 2011


I suppose that with the beginning of the new school year I should set some goals, or simply declare the ones I have.
I have decided I hate the term goals, and as such banished it from my vocabulary.
Aspirations, I have concluded - is simply a much better term.

So here they are, a formalized list of aspirations. I used to be really good at achieving aspirations, I think if only because the feeling of crossing a line through them once achieved was so supremely satisfying.

The list:

  • write more! carry your journal and write in it daily, draw in it, scribble your feelings madly across the page, but make a point to communicate SOMETHING on those pages - every day
  • bake more, baking is a stress relief for you, so bake 
  • run till your body aches, then get up and run again
  • declare your love for things and people, loudly
  • pick up the banjo, and become fabulous at it
  • be more prayerful
  • no more fighting, let your heart grow with love instead
  • study outside, read outside, simply be outside more
  • make time for the people you love, and the things you love to do
  • have a bedtime, and keep the bedtime
  • drink more water, consume less wine
  • grow your hair out
  • visit your family, and visit with them, remember to cherish the time with them
  • pick up the phone and call your friends
  • say yes
  • express your gratitude
  • post these in multiple places so that you have multiple reminders
  • knit Logan mittens
  • remember that love is an action too