Sep 15, 2011


I hate the feeling of being an outsider, observing from a distance, carefully away, yet watching closely.

My bus passed a family I knew today, I watched them parade down the sidewalk across the street from the hospital. Their four year old running alone ahead of the family, likely blissfully unaware of the tragedy which lays ahead. The eldest waiting out her final days, her mom pushing her along in a wheelchair as she now tires easily. With brain cancer returned, she sleeps hours of the day away, has forgotten, and yet has managed to be so strong. She possess this still and sobering, peaceful, and calm demeanour. Her strength and bravery amazes me, I am so blessed to have shared her life. I pray the family finds peace, that our community will hold them tight as they face these final moments with her. Life is simply far too short, and she far too young to die.

It sucks.