Dec 12, 2010

I am exhausted

I have one final week left of my student teaching praticum. Yes that is correct, we are here, in the final stretch, JUST ONE WEEK LEFT!
Just between you and me, I am really happy to be done.
It has been exhausting.
As much as I have really enjoyed the experience, and my students, I feel so overwhelmed with all that I wanted to accomplish that instead of being proud of what I've done... Im left feeling like I've barely touched the goals I had set out for myself.
I feel like I've neglected my students, not reached out and encompassed their learning needs. I feel like I've failed them. Even though I know that it would have been impossible for me to do everything I wanted to do, simply because I lack the practical experience and direction to know how to appropriately implement and judge what is or could be necessary.
LE sigh.
Im counting these 5 days down.
Excited for them, sad for them.

Oct 26, 2010

I challenged myself
doing something
which I had
never done before

we forget
just how much
there is
for us to learn
and discover
and experience

I am going
to challenge myself
to explore,
and imagine

there will be
no more
that which
is left to uncover

Oct 25, 2010

Today I had the most unusual encounter with a stranger.
I was immediately taken aback as what I though was just casual friendly conversation turned into a very deep conversation about her grief over her lost son.
What upset me most about this conversation was not that she had chosen to share this with me, as I have quite a respect for her openness - it was the fact that I was totally incapable of saying anything which demonstrated my sympathy and compassion for her situation.
Her grief was so evident and clear to me, she was in dire need of someone to talk to. Yet here I was, open mouthed with a complete and total loss of words.

Shouldn't we strive to be able to comfort everyone in their time of need?