Mar 31, 2011

Im feeling a little hatred today

Over things I cannot control.
Im frustrated, and sad.
Some days there is nothing worse then waking up and feeling your body tearing apart from the inside. Knowing that this pain you are feeling, is not normal, nor healthy, and having it be the direct cause of your infertility.

There are these song lyrics, "turn my grief to grace"... one day, I hope to be there.

Mar 29, 2011


I've been seriously considering my future as of late. Consideration is stressful, if I am happy with what I am doing - why should I change it?
For the experiences, I know to live is to learn, and to really live, we need to be experiencing things, NEW things. Im not a big person on new experiences, I like my quiet, peace and calmness. Change and experience stresses me, pushes my anxiety levels, makes me freak.