Dec 12, 2010

I am exhausted

I have one final week left of my student teaching praticum. Yes that is correct, we are here, in the final stretch, JUST ONE WEEK LEFT!
Just between you and me, I am really happy to be done.
It has been exhausting.
As much as I have really enjoyed the experience, and my students, I feel so overwhelmed with all that I wanted to accomplish that instead of being proud of what I've done... Im left feeling like I've barely touched the goals I had set out for myself.
I feel like I've neglected my students, not reached out and encompassed their learning needs. I feel like I've failed them. Even though I know that it would have been impossible for me to do everything I wanted to do, simply because I lack the practical experience and direction to know how to appropriately implement and judge what is or could be necessary.
LE sigh.
Im counting these 5 days down.
Excited for them, sad for them.