Jan 21, 2011


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These lovely paintings were created by the adults I work with.

For those not in the know, I work with adults who may have physical or mental disabilities or brain injuries. We tend to do a lot of adapted projects, they have a lot of freedom in what they create, they explore using many mediums and sometimes (all the time) I get to be amazed with the beautiful art they share.

My adults are stubborn, lack fine motor skills, patience, and struggle with anything that is an abstract concept. Now painting with watercolors is a very abstract process, it requires persistence, creativity and a basic understanding of the concept.

I was so proud of them.

I pushed and bossed, and they called me on it. I insisted they use more colour, add more water, make it wet, add more colour, use purple, add red, wet that brush.

Then they showed me just how proud they were of these beautiful creations. I got high five's, reassured it was okay to push, was wished goodnights, and saw everyone leave with the brightest smiles.

Life is good.